Sample Submission

Placing Orders

NTC staff places orders after users have reviewed and approved an estimate.  We generate estimates, place orders, and bill via our Stratocore PPMS core management system.  Users must create an account in PPMS in order to user our services.

Account Request Start Page

Instructions for PPMS Account Creation

Submitting Samples

Option 1:  In person dropoff

Please email us to arrange a time to drop off your samples.  The core is located in the HMS C-building room 307.  Users with Harvard IDs can bring samples directly to our lab.  For other local users, we can meet you outside the HMS-C / TMEC connector security entrance on the Quad side.  Please see the map below.

NTC Location

Before dropping off samples please review the following:

  1. Have you approved the project estimate?
  2. Have you submitted an electronic copy of your sample manifest and cell count information?
  3. Are your tubes clearly labeled?
  4. Have you arranged a dropoff time?

Unexpected lab visitors can be disruptive to our work. We ask that users come to the core only at their scheduled drop-off time. The core cannot take responsibility for samples left without notice.

Packaging Instructions

  1. Pack samples in a styrofoam box with enough dry ice to last several hours.
    1. If submitting more than ~8 samples, it's helpful for us if the samples are organized in a box
  2. Label the package with your name.
  3. Please call the lab 617-432-1361 when you're outside and core staff will meet you either at our lab or outside as arranged. 
  4. We'll store your samples in our -80C freezer and put your project in our construction queue

Option 2:  Shipping

Please let us know when you plan to ship your package and provide us with the tracking number.  Pack with plenty of dry ice and ship overnight.  We suggest shipments be sent on Mondays or Tuesdays to ensure packages are not in transit close to a weekend.  In winter months, storms can delay shipping so please check the weather in advance and avoid shipping if there is a major storm.  Ship to the address below:

Nascent Transcriptomics Core
Harvard Medical School
240 Longwood Ave.
C-Building, Room 307
Boston, MA 02115