Inquiries and Orders

We are happy to offer free consulations to discuss your experimental goals and figure out if our methods can help with your project.  We encourage new users, especially those considering nascent RNA analysis for the first time, to schedule a consultation.  You can request a consultation using the form below.

For prospective users who are ready to initiate a project, we ask you to complete the project request form below which will collect information about your samples.  One approved, the order can be placed in our PPMS ordering system.  At that time, we will also request a detailed manifest for your samples.

Project Requests and Ordering Information

Consultation Request

Project Request From

Ordering Instructions

The core uses the PPMS web interface to manage and track orders and billing.  Before placing your first order you must create a PPMS account.  Instructions for requesting an account can be found in the document here:

Account Creation Instructions

Once your account has been approved, we will create a project, generate estimates, and place orders for you as appropriate.  You can log into PPMS using the link below:
Nascent Transcriptomics Core PPMS login page:
Once we generate and estimate and you approve it (usually handled via email), we will place the order and put your project into our queue.