Sample Guide

Currently the core offers two different nascent RNA library construction services: PRO-seq and TT-seq. Please see the links in the side-bar for detailed information about each of them and the table below for an overview of sample requirements.



Minimum # cells

Requested # of cells

Cell condition

Spike-in available

Spike-in required


1 million

1-3 million

permeabilized frozen cells




5-8 million *

5-8 million*

4sU labeled cells in Trizol



* Number of cells needed for TT-seq depends on cell type and labeling time. We request 100ug of total RNA.

If you are interested in differential expression analysis, we recommend preparing a minimum of biological duplicates of your samples. For other applications, more or fewer replicates may be appropriate. We encourage users—especially first-time users—to set up a consultation with the core at the start of new projects to discuss your experimental goals and analysis requirements.