TTseq diag

Method Description

TT-seq is a variant of 4-thiouridine (4sU) sequencing.  This approach labels newly synthesized RNA by metabolic incorporation of 4sU in live cells.  Analysis of this RNA can provide information on RNA synthesis, co-transcriptional processing, and degradation (depending on experimental design).

Service Description

The TT-seq method in use by the core is under active development.  The amount of material required will depend on duration of metabolic labeling and the cell type being labeled.  Please contact us for discussion of the amount of labeled RNA required to construct libraries.  The core will fragment total RNA, enrich 4sU labeled fragments, construct Illumina compatible RNA-seq libraries, and perform preliminary data analysis.

Further Reading

Schwalb, Björn, Margaux Michel, Benedikt Zacher, Katja Frühauf, Carina Demel, Achim Tresch, Julien Gagneur, and Patrick Cramer. TT-Seq Maps the Human Transient Transcriptome.
Science 352, no. 6290 (June 3, 2016): 1225–28. PMID: 27257258