Karen Adelman

Karen Adelman

Faculty Advisor
Professor of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Executive Committee, Epigenetics and Gene Dynamics Initiative

Dr. Adelman's lab probes the interplay between transcription and chromatin architecture at protein-coding and non-coding RNA loci. This work involves development and optimization of diverse nascent RNA-sequencing strategies and the Adelman lab works closely with the NTC.

Hannah Edwards Photo

Hannah Edwards

Research Technician
PRO-seq and TT-seq library construction technician and gaining experience with data analysis. 

Seth Goldman

Core Director

Dr. Goldman's work has focused on understanding basic mechanisms of RNA synthesis with particular emphasis on abortive initiation and aspects of transcriptional pausing.  Current work with the Nascent Transcriptomics core is to apply, and where possible improve, methods for construction of high throughput sequencing libraries from nascent RNA sources.

p: (617) 432-1361
Mark Jones Selfie

Mark Jones

Research Technician
PRO-seq library construction technician and junior biostatistician working on custom downstream data analysis.
Geoff Nelson Profile Picture

Geoff Nelson

Bioinformatician, Nascent Transcriptomics Core
Postdoctoral Fellow, Park Lab

Dr. Nelson is a postdoc in the Park Lab at HMS and uses computational methods to analyze and explore functional genomics data. Current work with the core includes building nascent RNA-seq pipelines and handling user requests for custom analyses.